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Track Program Changes

You can track changes programs make to your system files during installation by using System File Checker. The information gathered can help find the likely causes of future problems and can help you perform a complete uninstall if you decide to delete the program.

To track  changes, simply run System File Checker after installing each program. To run System File Checker, choose Start/ Programs/ Accessories/ System Tools/ System Information. This will bring up the System Information Utility. Choose Tools from the menu at the top, and choose System File Checker. When it finishes the scan and returns to its main screen, choose the Settings button. By default, the program is set to log each scan and append it to the existing log. You'll find this setting on the Settings tab.

If you change the setting to Overwrite existing log, you can easily print out the list of changes each program installation makes to your Windows directories. After each installation and scan, go to the Settings tab and choose View Log to open the log in Notepad. Enter the name of the program you've just installed at the top of the log, then choose File|Print. Save the output for future reference.

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