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Each Pathfinder is carefully screened and trained by us. All Pathfinders must successfully complete the WG training program and maintain our high standards in user services and community leadership. Pathfinders write original informative articles, provide the Web's best Q&A for their topics, and give their readers what they need to know. This relationship between Pathfinders and users makes WG a dynamic service that truly responds to the needs of anyone who visits.

We ask our Pathfinders to be opinion leaders, sharing your perspective and insight into the topic. What do your users need to know? How can you help them avoid the pitfalls of researching information and getting correct certification advice online?

Our Pathfinders are real people - just like you. They include professionals, educators, students and stay-at-home moms. Our Pathfinders are as diverse as the pages we offer. We believe that one of the key components of our success is the fact that each Pathfinder is a person, as well as an online expert. See for yourself -- every site has a photo of the Pathfinder and a bio.

As diverse as they are, Pathfinders do share a few characteristics:

* A true knowledge of and a passion for their topic
* Commitment to creating informative, "what you need to know" features
* The ability to bring their page to life
* Strong writing and editing skills
* Basic HTML skills
* A desire to ensure that WG becomes the best network on the Internet

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