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MCSE Training Guide: SQL Server 6.5 Administration
Hardback, 700 pages, New Riders.
$49.99 normally
$39.99 through Amazon.com
Comment: SQL Server Training is an excellent resource! Overall, this book is an excellent guide in preparation for the SQL 6.5 Administration exam. The content is well written, thorough, and contains many great exercises and study questions. The book has 6 authors and the inconsistency amongst them does show from time to time. The overall flow is mostly preserved though.
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MCSE: SQL Sever Administration Study Guide
Hardback, 512 pages, Sybex
$49.99 normally
$39.99 through Amazon.com
I am an MCSE with a bunch of MS Access experience but very little SQL Server experience. I found this book to be an excellent introduction to the subject. The text is written to specifically and directly address the points of the official MS exam guidelines, but that does not get in the way of it being a cohesive explanation of the use of the product.
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MCSE Training Guide: SQL Server 6.5 Design and Implementation
Paperback, 704 pages, New Riders
$49.99 normally
$39.99 through Amazon.com
Comment: A Very Good Beginning to Intermediate MS SQL Server Text I believe that the level of the text is reasonably geared for the intended audience. This series uses the framework of the published Microsoft Exam topics to arrange the material covered. Despite the constraint, this book does a rather decent job of actually teaching one to use SQL Server. The authors frequently reference outside material, often the online docs, for further study.

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