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MCSE SMS 2 Exam Cram
Paperback, 400 pages, Coriolis.
$29.99 normally
$23.99 through Amazon.com
I took the SMS test before reading this book and I didn't pass. I had read other books but although they provided general knowledge, they were not specifically designed for this test. After I read this book I was able to pass the test. I highly recommend this book to anyone seriously considering taking the 70-086 test.

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Microsoft SMS 1.2 Administrator's Survival Guide
Paperback, 677 pages, Sams.
$59.99 normally
$47.99 through Amazon.com
Comment: Great overall guide and introduction to SMS There is a serious lack of good books that teach SMS. This book gave me the foundation that I needed to be able to pass the SMS MCP exam.
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Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 Training
Paperback, 500 pages, Microsoft.
$99.99 normally
$79.99 through Amazon.com
Comment: Not yet published. You can still order it, though.

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