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mcse.4.gif (11750 bytes)Network Application Frameworks is a must-have for any MCSE in training or already on the job. This link will take you to Amazon.com. Read the reviews, they're great. But keep an eye open here for a detailed review of this book.

 Individual Exams
Listed below are exams we currently have information on. This list will grow as we add study areas for other exams.

Windows 2000:

Windows 2000 Professional
(Exam 70-210)

Installing, Configuring and Administering Windows 2000
(Exam 70-215)

Installing Windows 2000 Server
(Exam 70-215, Part 2)

Design a Directory Infrastructure
(Exam 70-219)

Designing Security for a Windows 2000 Network
(Exam 70-220)

Windows 2000 MCSE Self-Study books


Exchange Sever 5.5
(Exam 70-081)

Internet Explorer 5
(Exam 70-080)

Internet Information Server 4
(Exam 70-087)

Networking Essentials
(Exam 70-058)

NT Server 4 / NT Enterprise Server 4
(Exams 70-067 / 70-068)

SNA Server
(Exam 70-085)

Systems Management Server
(Exam 70-086)

SQL Server
(Exams 70-026 - 70-029)

TCP/IP on NT 4
(Exam 70-059)

Windows 95/98
(Exams 70-064/70-098)

Microsoft Certification Tracks

What road do you want to travel?

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
MCP + Internet
MCP + Site Building

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
MCSE + Internet

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

 Self-Study books-Multi book packs

Microsoft Seminars

Adaptive Testing Defined
Microsoft MCSE Page

MCSE Requirements
Links to MCSE sites
How/where to get Certified


A+ Certification

MCSE Certification
Windows 2000
Exchange Server

Internet Explorer 5
Internet Information Server
Networking Essentials
NT Server
NT Server Enterprise

SQL Server

SNA Server
Windows 95/98

Adaptive Testing Defined
Book Reviews
DNS Basics
IEEE 1394 Defined

Microsoft Office User Specialist
MS Word Certification
MS Excel Certification

Windows 98
Second Edition
Tips and Tricks
Desktop Tips
Internet Explorer Tips
Registry Tweaks

Easter Eggs
New Utilities
Win98 News

Troubleshooting MS Windows
Troubleshooting Process
Troubleshooting Files
Understanding SafeMode
Hardware Troubleshooting
Understanding the Registry
Resetting the Registry
Windows 95 Tools
Windows Password Q&A
Setup Switches
Deleting a Virus
Windows 95 Updates



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It's a fact, you can earn over $60,000 per year by becoming aMicrosoft Certified Systems Engineer.
Becoming an MCSE is not easy, though.
Microsoft has been taking the desktop computing industry by storm for years. Compared to Novell, they are still relatively new to the server world, but don't let their infancy fool you. According to recent surveys, many people who obtain their MCSE are now making more money than people who have CNE's.
Microsoft NT is being installed on more new networks than Novell Netware, which could account for the salary difference, but the MCSE track is not easy either. You have to pass 6 tests; four core exams, and two elective exams (check out the Certification Track link to find out more) to obtain an MCSE. The main reason, however, is probably because Microsoft has specifically designed their products to work together. This allows people to pick up different Microsoft products that have similar user interfaces, which makes the different products easier to learn.
All the tests are difficult, and simple book work or class study isn't always enough. Microsoft is changing their tests around to reflect more real-world situations, so the difference between "passing the test" and really "knowing the product" is becoming obscured. For that reason, Certification Galore is adding Interactive Training guides to the self-study areas. These guides will have some combination of books, CD-ROM's, videos or other types of training. These guides are not free, though. The links to them will take you to either Amazon.com or Beyond.com, the two best places we've found to purchase the products.

This Site:

Each set of pages on this site will be full of information. The main page of each set will tell you about the test(s) those pages cover, and whether the test is a core requirement, core elective, or elective.

bulletCore requirement = You have to take that test to get your certification
bulletCore elective = You have to take one of the listed options to get your certification
bulletElective = You can choose any minimum number of the listed options to get your certification


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