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Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is an Internet file and application server included with the Microsoft Windows NT� Server operating system. IIS version 4.0 is shipped with the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack, available via free download or shipped on CD-ROM. It is also included with all new copies of Windows NT.

IIS can be used alone as a Web server or in conjunction with compatible technologies to set up Internet commerce. In addition, it can be used to access and manipulate data from a variety of data sources, and to build Web applications that take advantage of server script and component code to deliver client-server functionality.

Because of its tight integration with Windows NT Server, IIS guarantees the network administrator and application developer the same security, networking, and administration functionality as Windows NT Server. Above and beyond its use of familiar Windows NT Server tools and functionality, IIS also has built-in capabilities to help administer secure Web sites, and to develop and deploy server-intensive Web applications.

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