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MCSE Exam Notes REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)
MCSE Exam Notes: IIS 4
Paperback, 294 pages Sybex
$19.99 normally
$15.99 through Amazon.com
This book is fantastic and it covers in 280 pages what most books do in 600+ pages of fluff. The advantage is you don't get lost in the influx of information.
Microsoft IIS Training Kit REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)
Microsoft IIS Training Kit
Paperback, Book & CD ROM, Microsoft
$99.99 normally
$79.99 through Amazon.com
I'm usually wary of Microsoft Press books because they omit problems related to the products. In this case I reccomend this kit as a good tool to pass the test.
Exam Cram IIS REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)
Exam Cram for IIS 4
Paperback, 300 pages Coriolis
$29.99 normally
$23.99 through Amazon.com
Comment: If you want to be an MCSE this is a must have collection of some of the basic stuff that is on the test. Forget all the useless information, get down to what an MCSE must know...
iis.4.gif (8445 bytes) REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)redhalf.gif (889 bytes)
MCSE: Internet Information Server 4 Study Guide

Hardback, 752 pages, Sybex.
$49.99 normally
$39.99 through Amazon.com
I read both the IIS40 Study Guide by Sybex and the MCSE Training Guide by New Riders. The Sybex book had more detail and examples and was the better of the two books.
iis.1.gif (13361 bytes) REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)REDSTAR.GIF (910 bytes)redhalf.gif (889 bytes)
Internet Information Server Resource Kit
Paperback, 600 pages. Microsoft
$49.99 normally
$39.99 through Amazon.com

Comment: This book fills a void in IIS documentation and the CDs are packed full of useful tools for an IIS4-based web server. A book that is well worth the money!

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