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mcse.4.gif (11750 bytes)Network Application Frameworks: Design and Architecture
by Eric Greenberg
Hardback, 378 pages
Published by: Addison Wesley
Book link to Amazon.com
Reviewed by Ty Belknap

I'm guilty. My goal this past year has been to concentrate on getting my Network Administrator associates degree and, when I have time, to study for the next set of tests for my MCSE. When looking for a book, the fist thing I look for is which test it covers. I scan the Internet, searching for keywork MCSE throughout the book market.
The trouble is, once a test is passed, the book isn't worth much to me. I've gotten what I need out of it, and the book doesn't go far beyond passing the test.
Eric Greenberg sent me a copy of his book, Network Application Frameworks, to review for the Certification Galore Web site. This book does not have MCSE in the title, and it does not cover test 70-XXX. This book goes way beyond that. It is a book of understanding networks, and it is invaluable.
Whether you are an MCSE, CNE, CCIE, or IT professional, you would benefit from this book. It's well written


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