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Sample Test Items

The table below lists the domains measured by this examination and the extent to which they are represented.

Domain % Of Examination
1.0 OS Fundamentals 28%
2.0 Installation, Configuration and Upgrading 31%
3.0 Diagnosing and Troubleshooting 25%
4.0 Networks 16%
Total 100.00%

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Domain 1 Operating System Fundamentals

1.1 Identify the major desktop components and interfaces, and their functions. Differentiate the characteristics of Windows 9x/Me, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows XP.
Content may include the following:

Contrasts between Windows 9x/Me, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows XP

Major Operating System components

Major Operating System Interfaces

1.2 Identify the names, locations, purposes, and contents of major system files.
Content may include the following:

Windows 9x –specific files

Registry data files


1.3 Demonstrate the ability to use command-line functions and utilities to manage the operating system, including the proper syntax and switches.
Command line functions and utilities include:

1.4 Identify basic concepts and procedures for creating, viewing, and managing disks, directories and files. This includes procedures for changing file attributes and the ramifications of those changes (for example, security issues).
Content may include the following:

1.5 Identify the major operating system utilities, their purpose, location, and available switches.

Sample Test Items

1. By default, on which directory services does Windows NT Server 4 rely?
Ans: The NT Directory Services (NTDS) is the service used by default by Windows NT.

2. Which of the following is a network connector?
1) RJ-11
2) NT-32
3) DB25
4) RJ-45
Ans: RJ-45 is a CAT-5 Ethernet connector. Although the RJ-11 used to be used as well, it is now only used for telephone lines and DSL connections.

3. HTTP stands for:
1) Host Text Transfer Protocol
2) Hypertext Transfer Protocol (the standard protocol of the Web)
3) Hypertext Technical Program
4) Host Transfer Text Protocol

4. Which of the following category types of twisted pair cabling can 10BASET not use?
1) Category 5
2) Category 3
3) Category 1
4) Category 6
Also, Category 3 is limited to 10mb speed, so is pretty much obsolete.

5. An RJ-11 connector could be used as a connector for which of the following devices?
1) Mouse
2) Analog Modem (also a DSL modem or DSL router)
3) Monitor
4) Keyboard

6. A standardized way of naming network resources, used for linking pages together on the World Wide Web

2) URL
3) Telnet

7. In a Local Area Network, which network uses a bus topology?
1) Arcnet
2) Ethernet (can also use a star topology)
3) Token Ring (is a ring topology)

8. Which network type is the basic building block of all networks?
1) MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
2) LAN (Local Area Network)
3) WAN (Wide Area Network)
4) GAN (Global Area Network)

9. The speed of a network card is measured in __________.
1) Volts
2) Mbps
3) Hz
4) Ohms

10. What is the function of a client in a client/server network?
1) Connects to the printer
2) Provides resources to other computers
3) Dependent on resources from other computers
4) Is the centerpiece of the network

11. The Internet uses the _____ and _____ protocol. Choose all that apply.
1) Internet Protocol (IP)
2) Sequenced Packet Exchange (SPX)
3) Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX)
4) Transfer Control Protocol (TCP)
5) NetBIOS Extended User Interface (NetBEUI)

12. What does the ATZ command do?
1) Resets the modem
2) Turn the speaker off
3) Hangs up
4) Dials specified number

13. 10BASET uses what type of connectors?
1) Fiber Optic
2) RJ-11 (can be 10BASET, but only on very old networks)
3) RJ-45 (for test purposes)
4) BNC

14. When operating in a Token Ring network, each station can transmit ______.
1) Only during the assigned time slot of that station
2) Only when the station has possession of the token (it's okay if you don't know Token Ring, it's obsolete)
3) When there is no other station on the network
4) Only when requested to do so by another station on the network

15. In a Local Area Network, which network uses a star topology?
1) ARCnet
2) Ethernet

4) Token Ring

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