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Sample CompTIA A+ Test Items

The table below lists the domains measured by this examination and the extent to which they are represented.

Domain % Of Examination
1.0 OS Fundamentals 28%
2.0 Installation, Configuration and Upgrading 31%
3.0 Diagnosing and Troubleshooting 25%
4.0 Networks 16%
Total 100.00%

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Domain 4 Networks

4.1 Identify the networking capabilities of Windows. Given configuration parameters, configure the operating system to connect to a network.
Content may include the following:

Understand the use of the following tools

Share resources (Understand the capabilities/limitations with each OS version)
Setting permissions to shared resources
Network type and network card
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4.2 Identify the basic Internet protocols and terminologies. Identify procedures for establishing Internet connectivity. In a given scenario, configure the operating system to connect to and use Internet resources.
Content may include the following:

Protocols and terminologies
E-mail (POP, SMTP, IMAP)
Connectivity technologies
Dial-up networking
DSL networking
ISDN networking
Installing and Configuring browsers
Enable/disable script support
Configure Proxy Settings
Configure security settings
Firewall protection under Windows XP
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Sample Comptia A+ Test Questions

1. The network interface card buffers data, changes parallel data into serial data, follows specific rules controlling access to the network cable and:
1) Keeps the NETBIOS from generating signals
2) Shuts down disconnected or damaged terminals automatically
3) Acts as the operating system for the network
4) Makes the physical connection to the network

2. The TCP/IP protocol stack can be used in conjunction with which of the following networks?
1) AppleTalk
2) Token Ring
3) Ethernet
4. ARCnet

3. What are some uses for an Ethernet crossover cable?
1) I It increases resolution
2) It replaces a hard drive
3)t functions as a modem
4) It allows you to connect to network devices without a hub

4. A NIC Card does which of the following?
1) It provides more RAM to the computer
2) It provides an electrical connection to the network
3) It provides a physical connection to a network

4) It adjusts the brightness of the monitor

5. A workgroup is the Windows equivalent of what type of network?
1) Client-server
2) Peer-to-peer
3) Neither
4) Both

6. In a Local Area Network (LAN), which network uses a ring topology?
1) Ethernet
2) ARCnet
3) Token Ring

7. 500 meters is the maximum segment distance for which of the following types of cable?
1) Thinnet (10Base2)
2) Fiber optic (10BaseFL)
3) Twisted pair (10BaseT)
4) Thicknet (10Base5)

8. What is the correct AT command to instruct your modem to answer an incoming call?
2) AT
3) ATA
4) ATH

9. What occurs when you don't terminate the ends of a bus network?
1) EMI
2) Signal bounce
3) Attenuation
4) Crosstalk

10. A browser can best be described as:
1) A Network Interface Card (NIC)
2) A process that the CPU uses to handle multiple applications
3) A protocol to connect Apple computers
4) A user friendly software application for exploring the Internet

11. 2000 meters is the maximum segment distance for which of the following types of cable?
1) Twisted pair (10BaseT)
2) Thicknet (10Base5)
3) Fiber optic (10BaseFL)
4) Thinnet (10Base2)

12. 185 meters is the maximum segment distance for which of the following types of cable?
1) Fiber optic (10BaseFL)
2) Thicknet (10Base5)
3) Twisted pair (10BaseT)
4) Thinnet (10Base2)

13. What does a repeater do?
1) It extends the maximum distance of a network by amplifying and strengthening a signal.
2) It allows different types of architectures to communicate.
3) It reduces broadcast storms.
4) It functions as a gateway.

14. Which of the following statements are true of a peer-to-peer network?
1) There is no limit to the amount of computers you can have on a peer-to-peer network
2) Less than 10 computers can be in a peer-to-peer network
3) The computer only acts as a server
4) The computer only acts as a client
5) The computer acts as both a client and a server

15. 100 meters is the maximum segment distance for which of the following types of cable?
1) Twisted pair (10BaseT)
2) Thicknet (10Base5)
3) Fiber optic (10BaseFL)
4) Thinnet (10Base2)

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CompTIA A+ Certification

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