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Sample Test Questions

The table below lists the domains measured by this examination and the extent to which they are represented.

Domain % Of Examination
1.0 OS Fundamentals 28%
2.0 Installation, Configuration and Upgrading 31%
3.0 Diagnosing and Troubleshooting 25%
4.0 Networks 16%
Total 100.00%

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Domain 3 Diagnosing and Troubleshooting

3.1 Recognize and interpret the meaning of common error codes and startup messages from the boot sequence, and identify steps to correct the problems.
Content may include the following:


3.2 Recognize when to use common diagnostic utilities and tools. Given a diagnostic scenario involving one of these utilities or tools, select the appropriate steps needed to resolve the problem.
Utilities and tools may include the following:

Startup disks
Required files for a boot disk
Boot disk with CD-ROM support
Startup Modes
Safe mode
Safe Mode with command prompt
Safe mode with networking
Step-by-Step/Single step mode
Automatic skip driver (ASD.exe)
Diagnostic tools, utilities and resources
User/installation manuals
Internet/web resources
Training materials
Task Manager
Dr. Watson
Boot Disk
Event Viewer
Device Manager
Recovery CD
Eliciting problem symptoms from customers
Having customer reproduce error as part of the diagnostic process
Identifying recent changes to the computer environment from the user
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3.3 Recognize common operational and usability problems and determine how to resolve them.
Content may include the following:

Troubleshooting Windows-specific printing problems
Print spool is stalled
Incorrect/incompatible driver for print
Incorrect parameter
Other Common problems
General Protection Faults
Bluescreen error (BSOD)
Illegal operation
Invalid working directory
System lock up
Option (Sound card, modem, input device) or will not function
Application will not start or load
Cannot log on to network (option – NIC not functioning)
Applications don’t install
Network connection
Viruses and virus types
What they are
TSR (Terminate Stay Resident) programs and virus
Sources (floppy, emails, etc.)
How to determine presence
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A+ Certification Practice Test Questions

1. What would you use to test serial or parallel ports to see if they are functioning?
1) Loopback plugs
2) Software
3) Resistor
4) Multi-meter

2. You have just replaced the floppy drive in your computer. When you power up, the light comes on and stays on. What could be the problem?
1) This is normal, the light stays on when the system is running
2) The cable has been installed backwards
3) The drive is defective
4) The CMOS settings are incorrect

3. How would you discharge a CRT?
1) You never need to discharge a monitor
2) Use a high-voltage probe
3) Use a multi-meter
4) Use a screwdriver

4. If you can't get out onto the Internet via a dial-up modem, what should you check?
1) Check to see if someone is using a fax machine on the same phone line
2) Check the operating system installed
3) Check the available RAM
4) Check to see if there is a dial tone on the phone line
5) Check to see if anyone is using a phone on the same phone line
6) Check to see if there is BIOS update available

5. What effect will a noisy phone line have on your connection?
1) Speeds up port speed
2) Slows down port speed
3) Will have no effect on the connection
4) You won't be able to make a connection

6. If the system diagnostics suggest you replace three components, which of the following is the best course of action?
1) Replace the least expensive part and return the system to the customer
2) Replace the one that you think is failing and return the system to the customer
3) Replace all three and return the system to the customer
4) Replace them one at a time to verify the failing part and then return the system to the customer

7. A customer calls you and states the monitor and keyboard have stopped working, and you can see the power lights on the case are on. When you arrive on site and confirm both are not working properly, what would the most likely repair scenario be?
1) Replace the keyboard with a known working part and then proceed as required
2) Change out system board
3) Swap out the keyboard and monitor with known working parts
4) Replace on-board power supply because it sounds like the unit was hit by lightning

8. Which of the following would you use to fix scattered files on your hard disk?

9. You have just received a phone call from a customer saying their computer is behaving very strangely. After asking a few questions, you determine the "strange behavior" is related to the computer erratically losing its data and time settings. What is the most probable cause?
1) Bad Power Cable
2) The CMOS Battery
3) IRQ Conflict
4) Insufficient amount of RAM

10. Under what circumstance should you run Scandisk with the thorough option?
1) Whenever Windows is improperly shutdown
2) Whenever you receive an application-related error
3) Whenever Windows tells you that your hard drive is developing bad sectors
4) Whenever you run disk defragmenter

11. If you change the refresh rate of a monitor to a setting which is too fast, what will be the most likely result?
1) The mouse will not function.
2) More RAM will be required.
3) The monitor will go blank.
4) The operating system will not load.

12. What is the standard I/O address for LPT2?
1) 3E8h
2) 378h
3) 278h
4) 2E8h

13. You just purchased a brand new computer at an estate sale. You got a great deal and are very excited to start working with it. Unfortunately, the previous owner (who is now deceased) has set passwords in the CMOS. What can you do to overcome this problem?
1) Buy a third-party password-decoding device
2) Jump the pins on the motherboard
3) There is no fix to this problem, take the computer back, or use it for parts
4) Replace the CMOS chip

14. If you are trying to resolve a printer port error and need to restart the system, it is not necessary to perform a cold boot. A warm boot will be sufficient.
1) True
2) False

15. You are having intermittent problems with your computer and suspect that it has to do with overheating. What could you do to test this theory?
1) Use a thermometer to track the temperature inside the machine
2) Replace the power supply
3) Remove the slot covers
4) Replace the cooling fan

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