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MCSE Certification
Windows 95/98

Exchange Server
Internet Information Server
SQL Server
SNA Server

Adaptive Testing Defined
DNS Basics
IEEE 1394 Defined

Windows 98
Second Edition
Tips and Tricks
  Desktop Tips
  Internet Explorer Tips
  Registry Tweaks
  Easter Eggs
New Utilities

Troubleshooting Process
Troubleshooting Files
Understanding SafeMode
Hardware Troubleshooting
Understanding the Registry
Resetting the Registry
Windows 95 Tools
Windows Password Q&A
Setup Switches
Deleting a Virus
Windows 95 Updates



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CompTIA A+ Certification

PC Technicians average $40,000 per year salaries, but you can boost that to over $60,000 per year just by getting CompTIA A+ certified. Don't get us wrong, it's not easy, but it can be done.

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The best way to become certified
is to combine self-study or training with practical experience. But how do you get the practical experience if you're not in the job field now? That's not tough either. Find a store that sells old computers. Buy the cheapest computer you can find, take it home, and start identifying the parts. Try to make it work.
Combine this with a training guide (from our CompTIA A+ Books page), and you've got a fully interactive training session. It works!
CompTIA A+ Certification shows competency
in troubleshooting hardware for IBM Compatibles and/or Macintosh using MS-DOS, MS Windows, or Mac OS software. The CompTIA A+ Certification used to be very rare, but more employers are looking for people who know hardware, as well as software, troubleshooting techniques.
Included in these pages, you will find some great books to study for your CompTIA A+ Certification, as well as links to other CompTIA A+ sites, and what you can expect out of the tests.

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Adaptive Format
Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) is a test format that determines the test taker's ability to answer an item to the best of their knowledge. If the item is incorrect, the next question will be less difficult. If the item is correct, the next question will be more difficult. The adaptive methodology for how the selection of the items that will be presented depend on the item response theory (IRT) to adjust items and estimate the candidate's ability to answer the items. The adaptive test format may reduce the number of questions and shorten the test without affecting the reliability of the test.

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