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Adaptive Testing Comparison with Fixed-Length Exams

Test Taker Reactions

Survey Results (from a sample of over 3000 test takers who have experience with adaptive tests on technical topics from information technology certifications).

bullet43% of test takers prefer adaptive tests; 19.4% prefer conventional tests; 19% have no preference.
bullet86% of test takers believe that adaptive tests are accurate in measuring abilities or knowledge.
bulletDespite the fact that adaptive tests are not more accurate than conventional tests, twice as many test takers believe that adaptive test are more accurate than conventional tests.
bulletPositive Comments:
bulletI believe that I study more for adaptive tests.
bulletAdaptive and conventional seem to measure knowledge about the same. I like adaptive because it is quick.
bulletAdaptive exams seem to be an efficient way of taking tests.
bulletAdaptive exams allow a more thorough examination of a user’s knowledge in much less time than in a conventional exam.
bulletDon’t care for adaptive, but it forces better study habits.
bulletI was very time crunched on the standard test. This was not the case on the adaptive exam.
bulletNegative Comments:
bulletI wish it gave me more questions to show I know the information.
bulletI would like more time and to be able to review my answers.
bulletI’d rather they were longer and tested knowledge more broadly rather than have a few very difficult questions.

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