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bulletExam 70-064, Implementing and Supporting Windows 95  is a Core Elective for the MCSE. Instead of this test, you could take:
bulletExam 70-073, Windows NT Workstation or
bulletExam 70-098, Implementing and Supporting Windows 98

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"Yo, dude. How long you been using Windows 95? You don't need to study, just go take the test!". WRONG! Study for this test, no matter what anyone says. It's tough. How tough? Let me give you an idea: I was part of the help desk for Microsoft, taking calls and answering technical questions about Windows 95 at launch in August of '95. I had the best training you could imagine for the OS, straight from MS, on how to support this software. I then used my expertise to troubleshoot hardware problems for a PC repair company, then became the Windows 95 "Expert" for a 2500 node network. After 2 years of specialized training and use of Windows 95, I passed the test with an 892, a terrible score in my opinion. I thought I knew it all, so I didn't study a lot. Don't make that same mistake. Study books, read brain dumps, take the practice exams. It's all worth it.

The Microsoft Resource Kit is the only book I used in studying for my Windows 95 MCP. It's not organized into a convenient reference for test taking, though, so it may not be the best tool to use. Check out our index of Win95 Cert. Books for other options. Each book will have a number of stars by it. Those stars indicate how other people thought a particular book helped them. And check out the Brain Dump area. It's got what you need to know for the test and comments from people who have taken the test.

Best of luck!

Ty Belknap

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