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What you need to know:

Exam Specs:

Test Title: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft� Windows 95
Test Number: 70-64
Number of Questions: 70
Required Passing Score: 714/1000
Time Allotted to Take Exam: 90 minutes

Windows 95 study help

bulletWhat is thunking?
bulletHow do you run DOS Programs that don’t understand, or can’t work with, Windows? Study DOS app properties.
bulletUnderstand how Win16 apps work under Win95. Can a Win16 app corrupt another Win16 app? Can it corrupt a Win32 app?
bulletRemember F1 is for Online Help.
bulletUnderstand pre-emptive multi-tasking. ALL Windows applications will use the same virtual machine, but an MS-DOS application will use it’s own virtual machine for every instance. For example: John is running 1 Win32 app, 2 Win16 apps and 2 MS-DOS apps. There are only 3 virtual machines open.
bulletWhat can you do when a MS DOS app stops responding? Understand Task Manager and how the virtual machines work together.
bulletStudy how the Briefcase updates files. Specifically if two or more users share a file.
bulletStudy spooling. What advantages are there to ENF, RAW, and printing directly to port?
bulletPlug N Play is dynamic in Win95. If a PNP card is on IRQ10, and you install an old LPT card into your computer on IRQ10, the PNP card will change it’s IRQ address next boot. Know IRQ’s, how they work with PNP, how to determine conflicts (Device Manager), and how to resolve IRQ conflicts.
bulletStudy Intel’s ring architecture. What is the importance of Ring 0?
bulletWhere can you enable remote administration?
bulletUnderstand sharing and how to share multiple drives.
bulletA user has a notebook with a pc card network card. When removing it, what should he do first? Logoff the network? Shut down the machine? Disable socket services? Do nothing, just remove it?
bulletStudy user profiles and exchange profiles. Know what services you can add in exchange profiles.
bulletThree Win95 clients are participating in a peer to peer workgroup. You want to share files but only allow changes to them on the computers they reside on. How would you implement this? Study share vs. user level access.
bulletYou want to restrict access to local resources shared on your computer to certain users. You are also part of a Windows NT domain. What needs to be done?
bulletWhat is OS/2 Name Space on Netware servers?
bulletStudy how to access different servers in a domain.
bulletHow do you change the name the network shows as your computer?
bulletHow do you install the Win95 DUN server? What protocols does it support?
bulletYou access your local network via DUN. When you run Exchange it takes a long time before you can read any mail. The modems lights flicker. This happens even when there is no unread mail waiting. Why is this happening? A copy of the Exchange executable is being downloaded everytime you run exchange.
bulletYou want to access your mailbox on a Mail 3.2 server. What information do you need? (Select 2) The location of the Mail server postoffice and your username and password.
bulletPeter's and Jane's (or something like that) computers are configured identically in hardware and software. Jane says her computer runs slower that Peter's. Jane is not running disk compression, there is free hard drive space and is not fragmented. What should you do? (Select 3) Set netwatcher to see whether her computer's shares are accessed from the network, Set System Monitor to check her memory usage (just to see she's not running millions of instances of a program) and check that she has a big enough swapfile.
bulletWhich Win95 app allows you to despool a print queue from a Netware server? MSPRNV.EXE (not RPRINTER).
bulletYou want to access a Netware server. What do you need to do? (select 2) Install Client for Netware Networks, Install real mode ODI drivers.
bulletYou have a PC (PCMCIA) card that was not automatically configured. How can you find out whether it is supported by Windows 95? Run Add Hardware Wizard (as it will allow you to see the complete manufacturer and product listing)


Email Address: nobody@nowhere.com
    Real Name: Tom
     Comments: Passed the Windows 95 test with an 898 today! The info. listed here was very helpful. All I needed was your stuff and the Resource Kit (plus my experience). The new test deals a lot more with "real world" stuff. It would be difficult to pass it with only book reading.