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Exam 70-068, Implementing and Supporting NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise, is a core requirement for the MCSE Certification

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The Microsoft Windows NT Certification comprises two certification tests: #70-067, Windows NT Server; and #70-068, Windows NT Server in the Enterprise. The two tests are very similar, and it's worth studying for both tests at the same time. Many people take both tests the same day, but you can also schedule the tests a couple of days apart so you can study up on the specifics of each test.
The NT Server test (70-067) focuses on using NT on small network. All workstations, printers, and servers are in a local area. All users log on to either one server or there is a separate, independently administered, server for each area.
NT Server Enterprise is for Domains where there are multiple primary and backup domain controllers. There can be multiple departments on the same floor, building, or group of buildings, but the domain is centrally administered. Full descriptions of these types of domains are under the respective Study Help areas.

Basic network definitions:
L.A.N. - Local Area Network. A network that is located in the same room, on the same floor, in the same building, or in the same group of buildings.
M.A.N. - Metropolitan Area Network. A network located within a city or metropolitan area. The main Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA could be considered a MAN because of it's size.
W.A.N. - Wide Area Network. A network that spans cities, states, countires or continents. The Internet is a WAN.

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