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Installing Windows 2000 Server

Identifying system requirements is the first step to installing Windows 2000 server. Below is a list of components and a list of requirements:

Component Requirements
CPU Windows 2000 Server supports up to 2 processors (4 if you upgrade from NT 4)
Windows 2000 Advanced Server supports up to 8 processors
Windows 2000 datacenter supports up to 32 processors
Memory 128 Minimum
256 Recommended
4GB max for server
8GB max for advanced server
64GB max for datacenter
HDD 1 Gigabyte is the minimum for any of them

ALWAYS check the HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) before installing Windows 2000 or adding new hardware. The site is at: http://www.microsoft.com/hwtest/hcl.

Cool Feature: The Windows 2000 CD is now bootable.

Disk partition options

Knowing the difference between FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS is a must!

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MCSE Training Kit: Windows 2000 Server
Hardback, 1088 pages & CD ROM, Microsoft.
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If you are well-experienced with personal computers and have at least a reasonable networking experience (know the difference between RJ-11 and RJ-45, the difference between Ethernet and Token Ring, know how to install and configure a generic NIC, etc.), you can probably handle the material presented here. This book is aimed at the person who is working on Microsoft certification. As such it does the best job of any self-study tools currently available in preparing you for the 70-215 (Server) test.

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